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Having the vision to see the "big picture"?
Or having the discipline to execute the details?

The answer, of course, is both: great goals motivate us, but follow-through fosters achievement.

Ted Hintz sees the big picture and the details with remarkable clarity. As a CPA, he's adept at analyzing the details of personal and business finances. And as a CFP®, he knows how to design complete financial plans to help families and businesses pursue long-range objectives.


By leveraging his tax knowledge with his education in investment, retirement and estate planning principles, Ted can help you organize your finances. He can show you effective tax strategies and create a plan to work toward achieving your retirement lifestyle.

Ted is committed to providing consistent and conscientious service to you and your family. This first means providing you with an informed analysis of your financial situation, and presenting model scenarios to you showing you the possible outcomes of different financial strategies.

Once a plan is designed, he will direct it in accordance with your goals. Above all, he will maintain an ongoing relationship, distinguished by integrity, personalization and consistent professionalism and courtesy.


Ted's breadth of knowledge and experience can be especially valuable for business owners. If you own a business or professional practice, he can analyze the effectiveness of your retirement plan in the context of your overall balance sheet. He can work with you to revise your plan to make it more cost-effective or competitive. He can also help you plan to do the "little things" to work toward improving the valuation and attractiveness of your company so that you may sell or exit with a nice outcome.

Why should you settle for anything less? Call or e-mail Ted Hintz today. Touch base with a fellow business owner who will listen to understand who you are and what you want – a CFP® and CPA ready to become your financial advocate.